Hello, this is Garrrrrrrrdelius speaking!

This is my pony-art blog, which means that I am only going to post my pony-art here and nothing else.

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Found something interesting

I found Rainbow Rocks online for those who are interested.


1. Lauren Faust creating the world of ponies. It’s been a while since I drew her.
2. Fluttershy wearing a laurel (tehe) crown.
3. Derpy Hooves thinking that she is a dog.
4. Rainbow Dash fighting a biblical angel (yes, you read that right, biblical).
5. Pinkie Pie enjoying a cupcake. Don’t get any ideas…
6. Apple-Jack in the rain.
7. Twilight Sparkle being a cutie.
8. Rarity surely knows that diamonds are a mare’s best friend.
9. A tiny Spike being so happy for his diamond so he turned Japanese.

Can’t wait to get back to draw some stuff of these guys. :P

To e621 users…

I’ve changed my mind.

You may now post my art there…

Gonna get back to work and draw some DJ Pon-3/ Vinyl Scratch…

Thinking about doing a crossover with the game “Five nights at Freddy’s” with one of the mane 6…